November 6, 2007

Old Navy Shoes!

Yeah, I know Old Navy might not be the most popular place to shop for fashion, BUT I think you can find quite nice stuff there, always to a very affordable price!
It used to be one of my favorites shops back in my USA days, so brace yourself to see a lot more from it!

Check out these adorable Ballet Flats! Want them all! ;)

Cable-Knit Ballet Flats

Only $19.50!!!!

Velvet Ballet Flats

Only $19.50!!!!

Plaid Ballet Flats

Only $19.50!!!!

Plaid Flannel Ballet Flats

Only $19.50!!!!

Printed Ribbon Skimmers

Only $19.50!!!!

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1 comment:

Knikki said...

Umm, pardon, but old navy is the shit


i do love the shoes